Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Romantic Kids Cards

Kids are the beauty of life, Beauty in the heart and in the mind Of the good man and woman.

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Beauty in the sky and in the clouds, There is beauty in nature, In the mountains and in the sea.
Beauty in true friendship. There is beauty in the creative work of man.

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And immeasurable beauty in love. All of the best God's blessings and To delight us in this world.

Sad Romantic Cards

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It's possible to love
Outside of contraints
The friendship of two
Is all that it takes
But when darkness comes
And all seems to fail
I search for a reason
But to no avail.

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Hatred spreads like an illness
On tongues fuelled by fire
I try to draw you closer
But the distance just grows higher
To miss you is simple
But this is much more
I long for the moments of friendship
That we used to adore.

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For moments shared in sisterhood /brotherhood
Two people who chose allience from the start
Are given an end for some underserved game
And it tears my heart apart.

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Forgiveness is something I am filled with
But two players are needed for this game
And the more time we spend apart
The greater is your shame.

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For we had a bond of devotion
But you turned from it in fear
And now we each walk lonely roads
And our memories die as tears.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet Birthday Wishes

Hey sweet heart, are you looking for some unusual saying and messages to you dear ones and don't find yet. Then don't worry, here we bring some great collection of never before Sweet birthday Wishes with the flash animated birthday cards. Enter into another year of your life with sweet and loving wishes of families, friends and dearones.
Sweet birthday Wishes Card Sweet birthday Wishes Messages
Sweet birthday Wishes

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Romantic Wedding Cards

The Romantic Wedding Cards are to invite the guests and friends in the marriage party. So find all romantic cards from valentine cards. Share the joy of the wedding day with the collection of cards and greetings for invitation as well as present as we bring the best of wedding sayings.
Romantic Wedding Invitation Cards Romantic Wedding Cards
Romantic Wedding

Romantic Heart Cards

Digg the latest design lovable Romantic Heart Cards to deliver online to your beloved this valentine season. So try them now. These heart shaped cards will surely explain the condition of your heart to the dream lover. Whisper your love to your dear partner as a note of your heart felt feelings, affection, belongingness and care for each other.
free romantic heart download
Animated Romantic Heart Cards

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Romantic birthday e cards

romantic birthday e cards

Free Romantic Cards

Get in touch with your dear partner or lover to know your heart feelings, emotions and affection through these free romantic cards. Enjoy time together by bathing together, walking together, hugging, kissing and lots more. Explore the online ecards gallery.

romance on romantic night
Free Romantic Cards

Romantic e-card

Romantic postcards

Romantic postcards

Free romantic birthday cards

Free romantic birthday cards

Love Cards

Love Cards for you

Romantic Birthday Cards

Cards and greetings are ultimate and most appealing source to wish your dear ones, a romantic birthday cards covering entirely new range of collection exclusively for our online visitors. Fill your partner's heart with a feeling of romance, kiss and hug by taking him/her on a candle light dinner and presenting these romantic birthday cards.
Romantic Birthday ECards