Thursday, July 2, 2009

Romantic Proposal Ideas - Marriage Proposal

Marriage is one of the tradition when two people announce to the public of their union as husband and wife in front of God and dearones. Before marriage, couples make confessions of their desire and feeling to get wedded by asking for his/her accent. Propose your lover by holding his/her hand and presenting ring to mark as an offer. Invent new and unique Romantic Proposal Ideas like :
  • Proposing with a ring near sea with a heart made over sand and rose petals scattered to express love feelings.
  • Keep the finger ring in champagne glass and make romantic proposal.
  • Write romantic letter.
Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas A Romantic Proposal Romantic Proposal Ideas

Romantic Hug - Couple Hugging Cards

The hug is an embracement of arms to make feel loved and cared with a beautiful cuddle. Couples most often hug each other to express feelings of love, affection, need and to say 'you are always mine'. So, tonight, give your partner a romantic hug with kiss on lips to tell 'I LoveYou so much'.
A Romantic Hug Romantic Couple Hugging Romance Filled Hug Card

Romantic Date Ideas - Dating Tips

Romance is the essence or an ingredient to add spice in love life. Most couple go for romantic date with their lover to enjoy time together increasing more love, feelings and desire for each other. To keep married life more refreshed and colorful, couples must invent new ideas for a romantic date together. You can go for some romantic candle-light dinner in open sky, sea bath, sunset viewing, walking together holding fingers and cherishing past memories. Watch some of our Romantic Date Ideas to give your partner another reason to fall in love with you again.
romantic date of dinner romantic sunset date ideas Romantic Date Ideas

A Romantic Kiss

Kissing is one of the beautiful act to express heart-felt feelings of love and affection. Kissing among couples is somewhat different because it not only reflects love feelings but also desire for sex or love making. Kiss on Rain, Kiss under water, bed, driving, bathing, sleeping are one of the best moments to experience romance. A romantic kiss is enough to take your partner into the World of love making. Present some exclusive card or greeting to shower your wild feelings for her/him.
romantic kiss in the rain couple having romantic kiss
A Romantic Kiss

Friendship Day Cards

Friendship make our life more joyfull, entertaining and happy to share everything together between friends. Friendship day has been made to cherish your friendship and remember memories of past time spend together. Happy Friendship day for 2009 is going to celebrate on 2nd August. So, don't miss to let your dear friend how much you love him/her through any of these Friendship Day Cards.
Friendship Day Greetings Free Friendship Day Cards
Happy Friendship Day