Tuesday, September 12, 2017

School day love cards, Teenage love cards, Passed day love cards

School Days are the best and memorable days in everyone's life since one get lifetime friends and many funny memories with classmates and teachers. Even though we grow old, we never forget our teachers who taught us through hook or by crook. We all definitely remember our school days so we present our latest collection of school love cards, teenage cards and passed day cards.

Pink heart cards, Pink Color Greeting Cards of Love and Romance

Pink is always been favorite of all denoting soft love and purity. Pink Hearts, pink flowers, pink roses, pink stuffed toys are all perfect things to blend with theme of love and romance. Use these creative pink heart cards to say your words which not only makes your bonding more strong but even add fragrance of nature to your relation. You come more close to each other creating feel of love is in the air.